Design, Strategy & Product.

I design, build and launch future-proof brands, products and services.
Art Direction – Brand Experience – Brand Creation – User Experience – E-commerce – Mobile Apps – Design Systems – Strategy.
I help companies connect with their customers through visual identity and digital products. In this case I work according to the following principles – understanding, research, exploration and realization.
What I do.
A new scalable online store
Gasag Deals
Customer loyalty with a digital advantage world
Schwarz Mobility
Fleet management rethought
The digital future of an iconic brand
Transforming the digital experience
Changing the format

I create brands and digital experience to remember. Explore my work.

Human centered

Brand driven

Digitally minded

Strategy guided

Delivery focused

Hey, my name is Jakob. I’m a Berlin-based design director and digital lead designer at denkwerk. My way of working is to create human centered experiences across all disciplines - combining digital products with classic brand values.

Besides my passion for design, I love to do sports and to engage and develop personally in the fields of business and culture.

Business led

How I think design
About me.